Kross 2022
Kross 2022
Kross 2022
Kross 2022

Kross 2022

One of our major objectives in designing this sail range was finding the perfect Freeride sail combination ... the best of two worlds combined into one sail range: KROSS-X (formerly KULT), our all-terrain guru, and KROSS-S (formerly KOYOTE)!

  • Yellow / Blue
Sail Size
  • 4.7
  • 5.3
  • 5.8
  • 6.3
  • 6.8
  • 7.5
  • 8.2

This specialist Freeride sail range actually is an amazing line-up with 2 distinct personas, the KROSS-X (4.7 – 5.3 – 5.8) and the KROSS-S (6.3 – 6.8 – 7.5 – 8.2).


Our mission when designing the KROSS-X was to create the ultimate bump and jump weapon that excels when playing around on flat water and in small waves … delivering you an all-terrain guru for a perfect Freeride experience, anywhere anyplace! Great performance and easy handling is what it's all about!

KROSS-X has been optimised as a crossover, small wave, bump & jump sail. Generous seam shaping down in the bottom half of the foil provides the sail with ample lowdown power. Luff round gives the sail just enough foil tension to effectuate high speed stability, yet KROSS-X is soft enough to allow for snappy maneuvers. A perfect combination of power and speed resulting in massive air time … this will definitely get you noticed out on the water while you’re reaching new heights!

For 2022 we have chosen to use a new window material on KROSS-X for better vision, and graphic updates as compared to 2021 have been implemented across the board.


Serious freeride windsurfers demand a sail that is easy, light, comfortable and forgiving, but at the same time it needs to maintain an impressive overall performance and top end speed. KROSS-S delivers to these ideals and sets the standard for no-cam Freeride sails!

All learnings from the R&D program for KONCEPT have been incorporated in this freeride design. The more compact outline has been tested in our Race and Slalom sails for several years now. But the real secret of this sail’s success is the progressive leech twist and slippery upper foil profile reducing drag and delivering a blistering top end speed. This design has topped the forty knot barrier on numerous occasions ... we’re talking SERIOUSLY FAST FREERIDE!

Awesome performance, great handling, speed and stability … especially in rough conditions, for both Flatwater and Freerace use ... that’s KROSS-S! Light materials,  reduced swing weight and a soft feeling, great handling and control in a bright colour scheme with new graphic updates … 


The perfect combination of composite tubes and glass rod battens maintains the draft location in the KROSS perfectly. An intelligent mix of X-ply and Monofilm materials in the sail construction combines durability with a crisp lively feel and blistering acceleration. Abrasion resistance enablers such as for instance the moulded soft edges on the foot and cross-over battens, the batten end-protectors and a twin ply Dacron head panel increase the sail’s longevity.


Internal aramid fibres in the high load areas combined with KA Sail’s renowned Aramid Draft Lock System maintain the sail’s foil shape when fully stressed. The Aramid Draft Lock System is comprised of uni-directional aramid fibre strips running radially from the clew. This technology, combined with fibreglass tube battens in the power zone, pushes stability to a whole new level. Heavier or more power-seeking riders will especially enjoy the KROSS-X as a light wind wave sail, a sail that allows them to get the most out of any condition.

The foil tension in the KROSS-S is grafted for excellent draft stability when overpowered and as such we removed the aramid draft lock to reduce weight. The handling is soft enough for effortless maneuvers and easy pumping while the sail can be easily locked down for straight down the line blasting and is extremely well balanced and beautifully predictable throughout the transitions.


KROSS-X sizes 4.7 – 5.3 – 5.8 have been designed in a 5-batten set-up; KROSS-S size 6.3 has 6 battens and sizes 6.8 – 7.5 – 8.2 have 7 battens. The extra batten in the larger sizes helps to improve the stability in the sail’s profile and the use of lighter materials in the head reduces swing weight, providing a lighter feeling when sailing and better control over the entire rig.


For the KROSS-X we recommend the use of RDM masts. The larger sizes KROSS-S are also great for sailing on SDM. RDM masts give a slightly softer feel to this sail while sailing, but do not detract from the perfect performance of the KROSS! SDM gives the sail a more direct feeling.  

Kross range set-up








4.7 414 167 400/19 Adjustable € 549,=
5.3 439 177 430/21 Adjustable € 559,=
5.8 449 185 430/21 Fixed € 569,=
6.3 460 192 430/21 Fixed € 579,=
6.8 460 184 430/21 Fixed € 589,=
7.5 477 198 460/25 Fixed € 609,=
8.2 489 210 460/25 Fixed € 629,=
  • Recommended mast: KA Sail RDM 75%
  • KROSS-X = 4.7 - 5.3 - 5.8; KROSS-S = 6.3 - 6.8 - 7.5 - 8.2

technical details

Aramid patches for
tip protection
Increase luff curve
provides superior
foil stability
Dual X-ply luff sleeve
minimises film creases
during rigging
Boom height
New Thermo
mast pad
Lightweight tri-axial X-ply reduces swing weight
Generous seam shaping in the lower foil provides superior drive
100% X-ply set up for durability
Twin clew rings increase
usable wind range
PVC extrusion protects the foot from wear

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4.7, Yellow / Blue 3+ To see the price
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5.8, Yellow / Blue 0 To see the price
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6.8, Yellow / Blue 2 To see the price
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7.5, Yellow / Blue 2 To see the price
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8.2, Yellow / Blue 0 To see the price
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6.3, Yellow / Blue 3 To see the price
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5.3, Yellow / Blue 2 To see the price
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